Personal Stories

With over 20 years experience, Rescue Woodworks offers handmade Firehouse furnishings, Shadow Boxes, Custom Bars, and other handmade products using hardwoods, lexan glass, and soft metals . We are known for our "out of the box" and creative thinking to create a memorable product that tells "Your Story"! 

Personalized Approach

The inspiration behind Rescue Woodworks was a career firemen and U.S. Army Veteran. As a child I grew up around my Grandfather who was a Master Carpenter and Fireman that spent Thirty plus years in the fire department in Johnstown, PA.


As many career firemen do, my Grandfather held a second job to supplement his income spending his off days making cabinets and other wood pieces. He could create just about anything from wood and it lasted forever! He taught me everything I know about the trade. One thing I will always remember him telling me “Put that junk (tape measure) away and use this folding ruler, it’s more accurate”!

Excellence and Professionalism  

After enlisting in the military and spending the past 20 years around all branches of military service I understand the importance of creative woodworking and an organizations identity. That’s why here at Rescue Woodworks we like to use the beauty of wood to create a quality wood product that will “tell a story” and last a lifetime!